Ennera - Renewables brand and corporate identity

The Ennera brand mark represents a perfect balance between both an approachable and established feel.

Ennera also engages in green initiatives and development. It is currently involved in projects around Spain powering vehicles at specialised charging stations.

We wanted to harness the relationship between man and the natural elements, whilst still retaining a respected corporate feel.

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the client

Ennera is a global supplier of alternative, sustainable and renewable energies. They are based in northern Spain and are backed by the CAF group of companies.

The Brief

Ennera started out life as a company called Ibaia, based near San Sabastian in the north of Spain. Firedog were tasked with creating a renewables brand and visual identity which would compete in the global markets, in particular - The UK and the USA. The alternative and sustainable energy sector is in its infancy. This means that there are many suppliers who have less than adequate product and service offerings. The key point of difference behind Ennera is the approach of the business – bringing big business methodologies and practices to a young market. The renewables brand had to convey properties of both excitement and establishment.

The Solution

Firedog undertook a great deal of research understanding the origins behind the business. The brand identity is informed by both Spanish medieval iconography and representations of the natural elements. The three abstracted shapes of the brand represent these natural elements – Which also happen to also outline the renewable energy products in the long term business plan formed by Ennera (Solar, Wind and Water). The supporting look and feel, colour and imagery pay homage to this natural heritage, without getting too distracted by Green cliches. A strong corporate use of white space creates the sophistication required to enable this business to own their category.

The Results

Ennera has become one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies, not only concerned with designing and producing products, but also with the development of large scale energy projects. For example, Ennera is undertaking over 60 projects in a single region alone. (Gipuzkoa)