Evenergi - Brand Identity

The Evenergi renewables brand represents a contemporary next generation automotive identity, built for the future.

The nature of the identity system allows for flexible application whilst maintaining a unified look.

The cyclical identity is applied across imagery by using the graphic device to highlight specific focal points withint the image.

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the client

Evenergi is a UK based start-up which is driven by a mission to make the driving of Electric Vehicles (EV's) more affordable, sustainable, and simple to understand. They have a vision of assisting in the decarbonisation of our planet via fuelling the broad adoption of electric transport over traditional fossil-based motoring.

The Brief

The Evenergi name is a portmanteau of both the words EV and Energy. We were appointed to assist with the overall strategic positioning of the business and followed through with a comprehensive strategic framework which incorporated the mission, the vision, USP and various recommendations.

The Solution

The Evenergi renewables brand identity is interesting as it has to straddle both the energy and automotive sectors. We had to ensure that the positioning spoke primarily to the automotive industry and drivers yet also conveyed much of the positive spirit associated with renewable energy adoption. Evenergi also required a technology proposition because they assist drivers in better understanding energy demand and pricing through apps. Our renewable energy brand identity concept used several automotive and renewable energy triggers. We used symbology such as car wheels, the sun as life force, turbines, and other spherical influences. All these influences help create the resulting cyclical brand identity. The adopted brand identity utilises a dynamic series of rotational segments around a central sphere. These graphic devices orbit in rotation to create various compositions used in imagery and the overall visual identity. A striking complementary colour palette and extensive typographic family then support the visual look and feel.

The Results

It is early days for this contrarian brand yet already the business has commanded an avid following of EV drivers, industry professionals and game changers.