LOC - Corporate and Visual identity

The brand mark existed already, and research showed that the icon was quite popular and unique. So we built further brand equity beyond the mark with a striking visual mnemonic.

The delivery of a new global group website was a core deliverable for the project.

The graphic device within the visual identity can be used in a variety of formats, whether full bleed or as a little cropped vignette.

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the client

London Offshore Consultants (LOC) is an independent marine and engineering consultancy and survey organisation. The business, founded in London in 1979, has over 30 offices across the world, staffed by over 400 professionally qualified personnel.

The Brief

Firedog was invited to create a new visual identity which set LOC apart from it's competition. The previous incarnation lacked any visual thread and thus it felt incoherent and diluted. Our remit was to create a flexible brand identity which could unify the various operating units and regions under one cohesive identity. Following the rebrand, we were to create a set of communications, as well as a new website for the group business. The brand needed to also adapt to the sister business, Longitude Engineering.

The Solution

We began with engaging management staff in a series of workshops and one to one surveys. We also reached out to staff across the world with digital survey materials. We wanted to focus the brand on a common culture which unified people whilst also providing leadership with findings of global sentiment. We developed a universal proposition, a refreshed set of values and a strategic framework for the brand positioning. We followed through with a flexible visual identity concept, built upon a series of triangular partitions linked by a cartographic like thread. We wanted the system to be flexible enough so that it could easily be placed into any format. The system is cohesive and strong, yet due to its randomness of form, retains a contemporary aesthetic. The identity has been inspired by nautical themes, marine charts and engineering blueprints.

The Results

We continue to work with LOC on a day to day basis, and have delivered a new identity and website for sister business Longitude, whilst creating a raft of additional campaign and communications materials.