Neon Underwriting - Corporate identity

The brand identity for Neon feels nothing like it's sector competitors. This was a deliberate move to differentiate the brand amongst a crowded market place.

The subsequent visual identity utilises the core nature of the brand mark yet extends it into a flexible and dynamic system.

The identity utilises a combination of bright acidic colours, combined with plenty of white in order to retain a contemporary yet controlled feel.

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the client

Inspired by the Greek word for ‘new’, Neon represents the future of specialist insurance underwriting. Neon is a managing agent at Lloyd’s of London, and whilst the brand is new, the incumbent business has been in operation since 1989. Neon is a member of the Great American Insurance Group, which operates out of Ohio, and is an American listed business with over 4 billion dollars in equity.

The Brief

Firedog in London was tasked with undertaking a complete rebrand of previous underwriting brand, Marketform. We worked together with Fable&Co, a branding agency based in Brighton, who became the client facing partner for our primarily Cape Town operation. With Martin Reith joining as CEO in 2016, rebranding and revitalising the going concern became a key strategic pillar in uplifting the business into a new era. We were to create a completely different, fresh identity - Purposely setting the brand apart from its competition within the Lloyd's trading environment.

The Solution

The core brand strategy was simply built around absolute stand-out and uniqueness in the crowded marketplace. The Neon name was deliberately chosen so that the visual identity could follow with a bright, bold and striking visual aesthetic. We were instrumental in the creation of a strategic framework, undertaking various levels of qualitative research, brand identity, messaging and both offline and online communications for offices in both central London and Bermuda.

The Results

The business has gone from strength to strength, with a complete change in product strategy and a far more savvy and forward looking approach to products and process.