NetNames - Digital brand identity

We created a unique brand identity system created from a series of building blocks, paired with bright colours and contemporary type.

The brand identity enables NetNames to create brand stories using unique and quirky iconography which links to various positioning statements.

The combination of structured graphics, bright colour, white space and clean typography immediately creates a premium contemporary aesthetic.

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the client

NetNames, a leading provider of global brand protection and internet domain name management services.

The Brief

NetNames wanted to take a disparate campaign identity and wrap it within a cohesive yet flexible visual identity which could be applied successfully across all channels and communications.

The Solution

NetNames’ existing identity used the colour orange yet its use of visual assets lacked consistency and a greater brand narrative. We capitalized on their existing positive reputation for protection and strength, by developing an associated positioning which supported this key brand promise. We researched deeper to organised systems within nature and struck upon the hexagonal nature of the honeycomb. We noted the connection with the legacy brand colour as well as the potential visual cue of multiple moving parts within a greater ordered structure. We viewed the hive as a metaphor for the online world of digital asset management. We developed a unique hexagonal grid system which we used to create a visual toolkit, as well as unique iconography and custom illustrated infographics. The sum of these assets formed a holistic yet flexible digital brand identity. We then extended the existing colour palette and wrapped up the brand in a comprehensive set of guidelines.

The Results

The digital brand identity process enabled NetNames to increase their brand equity prior to selling the business to CSC, a US-based, leading provider of business administration services to corporations.