Savills Investment Management - Brand Identity

A new positioning was chosen which allowed us to capitalise on the play on words - in this case; From all angles.

SavillsIM is a great deal more than a pure property investment business. Our job was to show complexity of offer, yet within an attractive and simple proposition. Early exploration focussed around multi-dimensional design and form.

The brand is synonymous with outstanding return on investment capital, yet the client wished to express their diversity of offer and additional services through a more holistic promise.

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the client

Savills Investment Management (SavillsIM) is a wholly owned but independently operated subsidiary of Savills, the global real estate company established in 1855, listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The fourth largest global agent by world turnover, Savills has a network of more than 600 offices worldwide.

The Brief

SavillsIM wanted to escalate their online financial brand identity equity and commissioned Firedog to help create a new positioning followed by a full brand refresh and revitalised communications and visual identity. The SavillsIM financial brand identity stands for so much more than bricks and mortar and the new positioning needed to communicate this promise.

The Solution

A new positioning statement was created to establish the enhanced offer to prospective clients. “We see property from all angles” is the creative hook on which the brand identity is built. We capitalised on the idea of angles being a dimensional property and looked to create a flexible system which could communicate this value in a simple yet refreshing medium. We arrived at a concept entitled “Reflections” which utilised the square logo device coupled with positioning statement and combined with an extended colour palette and evocative imagery. The imagery features a double image with people reflected in glass. This technique adds depth and hints at the “all angles” narrative. It also allowed us to use established stock imagery, with a new twist which ensured unique ownership.

The Results

The rebrand has been a great success and Firedog continues to work with SavillsIM on subbrands and tactical campaigns. Our most recent endeavour features a European focussed city ranking microsite which measures numerous cities’ investment status across the region. Have a look at for more.