Consistently unestablished
since 2003

The Agency

Firedog has been active in the UK and South Africa for over 18 years. The agency is well known for marrying the academic world of brand development with a vibrant and exuberant visually expressive style.

The agency portfolio is built on the bedrock of brand and visual identity creation. Our knack for creating visual narratives and storytelling has also been applied to the world of digital brand development through user experience and front end design.

The agency changed tack in late 2015, with a change away from a larger technology remit, back to the core of brand and visual identity creation. Whilst Firedog still maintains a London operation and works with many UK clients, the core creative team has returned to Cape Town, setting up shop in the shadow of Table Mountain.

The Creative Director

Clifford is the original founding partner and owner of Firedog. As a nipper (in 1994), he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design securing distinctions. He subsequently developed his skill-set under a formal design apprenticeship with German typographer, Gerhard Schwekendiek.

Clifford enjoys spanning all aspects of the agency remit, both working with clients and also leading the studio’s creative efforts. With a design career spanning 23 years, Cliff has been responsible for re-branding multinationals and just about everything else that can possibly be placed under the creative umbrella.

Cliff set up Firedog with two partners in Soho, London in May of 2003. He went on to run the business for 12 years until deciding to return to Cape Town to set up a second studio in late 2015.

His core skill is in merging a strategic mind-set with beautifully rendered design and creativity. Clients enjoy the results of being challenged, albeit with an experienced set of hands.

In Numbers

Started in Soho, London in 2003

64 branding projects completed

More than 80 integrated communications and campaign projects completed

+15 years of brand development experience

Personal testimonials from 45 clients including the BBC, Imperial College and Deutsche Bank

Some of our Clients

And Some kind words

“We were lucky to work with the Firedog team on three separate occasions. They created our original brand identity, designed the software interface for one of our systems and conceptualized a presentation template for new business presentations. Every project presented unique challenges and ever evolving priorities but Firedog’s amazing team met them all with tremendous creativity and unflappable professionalism. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and can't recommend them more highly. ”


“From pitch through to final delivery, the Firedog team have combined enthusiasm, absolutely razor sharp creative skills and fantastic audience understanding. The BBC Blast brand they have developed has delivered beyond our expectations and is absolutely on target with wider BBC strategy. I look forward to the opportunity to work with all the Firedog team again, but have to say that, in Cliff Boobyer, they have one of the most insightful and intelligent creative directors that I’ve come across in many years.”


“We wanted to create a fully responsive design for our new learning environment. One that didn’t just ‘work’ on any device, but one that was beautifully designed for each device. This is where Firedog really excelled for us. Their ability to design across devices, taking into consideration best practice, whilst maintaining the sleek design has delivered us a truly amazing environment for our students.”