Afreek - Artisanal leather workshop in Simons Town

There is an amazing little boutique leather design shop on the Simonstown high street and it’s worth a shout out for craft design, creativity and interior design.

Afreek leather designers and crafters

Afreek as its called is run by a one Mr Alfred Maoneke. We had a fat chat about design and the business of creativity in Cape Town. Alfred explained how he was gifted a small corner of a workshop a few years ago. The previous tenant and host ran a metal working and glass studio and was impressed by Alfred’s get up and go. Afreek has grown since then and now occupies the entire premises as a leather design studio. I was struck by the sweet story of grassroots entrepreneurship and the dogged will to succeed. Alfred was explaining how the support from the local community aided is fletchling business with donations of machinery and tools. These little gifts really afforded the business the resources it required to grow. It’s a feel good story of citizens helping each other!

All of the leather products in the store are crafted on site by a small team of artisans

The shop floor is an impressive display of hand made materials all lovingly crafted on site by Alfred and his team of artisans. Local leather is procured, treated and then stitched and worked in store. There is a real myriad of wares available, from wallets to keyrings. I was really impressed by the workers aprons which look top quality. It’s very clear from what you see that there is local love and passion in everything that is produced.

A whole world of items all handmade in store

Loving attention to detail

I particularly liked this funky hand made workman's apron

A bass guitar adds a bit of funk to the overall vibe

Check out Afreek the next time you are in the Simonstown area. 86 St. George Road, Simonstown. The store is on the mountain side of the street, nearer the northerly part of the Simonstown village. Swing them some support on Facebook and note the keenness of both the locals and tourists. A heartening example of a local with an idea, some creativity and a little bit of passion.