Visual identity created for global marine consultancy, London Offshore Consultants

Our U.K. sister business has recently completed a striking brand and visual corporate identity for a global marine consultancy, London Offshore Consultants.

LOC provides engineering consultancy services to the shipping, offshore energy and renewable industries from over thirty offices across the world. With a team of over 400 personnel and a legacy originating in 1979, this re-branding project represented a sizeable undertaking.

A cohesive narrative

Firedog was tasked with defining a new brand positioning, articulating their unique story into a cohesive narrative, along with undertaking a full rebrand of all the businesses marketing and communications. We achieved this by conducting a series of workshops with management staff as well as more extensive quantitative research through digital surveys and questionnaires. Our remit was to find a storyline which universally transcended the global localities that the staff resided within. The resulting visual identity represents a global set of individual businesses, organically tied together with a greater cohesive thread.

A fully flexible identity

We wanted to create a visual identity which was constructed out of a flexible system of blocks and partitions. A system which could easily be placed into any format, whilst also avoiding the appearance of being dull or academic. We looked to cartographic, nautical charting and engineering diagrams and used the sources in a new exciting non-grid-like fashion. The resulting system, whilst built upon the building blocks of their exacting trade, appears exciting, flexible, agile and organic.

The graphic system pays homage to the business trade yet whilst breaking the expected formal narrative of an engineering business