Art direction & Image creation

Firedog has a proud and established tradition of creating arresting visual artwork. Brands, visual identities and campaigns can only be considered unique when supported via imagery that inspires and creates a unique impression upon its audience.

Creativity should always be measured as a craft. Image making, illustration and visual storytelling are all craft based activities where skill manifests as the ultimate mark of excellence. At Firedog, we have always obsessed about creating unique and bespoke imagery for brands and creative, with passion and aplomb.


We strive to commission bespoke photography as the antidote to common stock. The perception of custom shoots is of expense. However, with the right art direction and shot list, we can create a library of imagery which is unique and entirely ownable, whilst maintaining value and return on investment. Campaigns also demand imagery which is instantly impressionable and unique to the brand’s proposition. When we do use stock imagery, or indeed existing imagery acquired from a photographer’s portfolio, we are very careful in selection, tone and art direction. The imagery is often also processed and treated to create an instantly singular look.

We strive to commission bespoke photography as the antidote to common stock.


Photographic and image post production involves the craft of taking existing imagery and illustrating over it with supplementary image assets from varying sources. It is considered as the illustration of photography. We hire our creative talent based on their talent, their artistic skill and their ability to illustrate instinctively using only their hands and imagination. This results in imagery, whilst heavily processed, appearing fantastical yet authentic.


At times, we utilise bespoke commissioned illustration to add life and integrity to our creative. The use of such creates a warm, approachable and human feel to the visual aesthetic. Rather than using technical illustrators, we are more likely to turn to the fine arts, to render an identity which is a little more unique and craft based.

The use of illustration creates a warm, approachable and human feel to the visual aesthetic


Whilst creativity is viewed mostly in two dimensions – the craft of creating in 3D, via both a mindset and also by using specialised applications, brings an additional layer to the visual arts. When Firedog first started over twenty years ago, clients demanded that any piece of brand work was rendered in polished chrome and delicious 3D. Thankfully, the market has matured and now CGI (as it is commonly known) is more subtle and authentic.


When creating a supporting asset base for a visual and brand identity, all the above skills are used together to create an instantly memorable aesthetic. It pays to have a holistic understanding of all the crafts in play – to create an asset of precision and exemplary quality. The focus on such allows the imagery to come together as a holistic family, building upon the equity of the brand.