Visio - Investment Management Website Design

The financial website design features a range of commissioned imagery in order to add authenticity and warmth to the brand.

The interface design uses infographics and dynamic charting elements in order to clearly communicate key facts and values.

The website design caters to the full remit of devices from desktop to mobile.

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the client

Visio is an investment management firm initially founded in 2003. A nimble, highly focused and dynamic team manage assets across listed strategies for a diversified client base that includes some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors.

The Brief

Firedog was commissioned to fully realise a partially completed brand identity that had been provided to the client. We were to develop the visual identity and create a fully responsive boutique financial website design. Visio has had stellar performance over the last decade and the digital brand experience needed to express this confidence through evidence and storytelling.

The Solution

The brand provided was expectedly blue and somewhat cold. We therefore worked together with the client in commissioning a range of warm portraiture and imagery in order to raise the temperature and mood of the brand. We used plenty of white space and crisp text to avoid an overtly heavy feel. We developed a range of blues with the intent to create interest and contrast. These tones covered the full range from a very dark blue to a fresh bright blue. We coupled this with a bold animated layout which assisted in delivering overall page impact. Using bespoke and dynamic software APIs, we provided charting elements which displayed evidence of exemplary fund performance. We used animated page elements to expand certain sections of content. Using this technique, we can layer the information delivery according to the user’s appetite. For example, the desire to either skim read or to interrogate the content in depth.

The Results

The new investment management website design takes a South African brand and greatly enhances the client experience. The bold brand also ensures the potential investor that the business is current and relevant. The Visio brand has grown from strength to strength with a growth of 4% AUM in the last year.